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Gain real-world DevOps experience

Watching Online Videos To Learn Linux Contributes Just 10% To Skills Acquisition. With PBL, you get to solve REAL problems based on REAL WORLD use cases. We realise that 90% of what you need to secure that Job is Hands-On experience, Mentorship, and intensive practice to reinforce knowledge. The ULTIMATE goal of this program is to position you for a Linux paying Job


Having this knowledge helps you look at your skill set in a different light. No longer do you see yourself as a list of certifications and abilities, but rather a forward-thinking problem solver. It is a step in building your career as a Devops engineer


How 3 Months DevOps Bootcamp at darey.io changed my life!!!


How Akin used PBL (Project Based Learning) at DAREY.IO To Become A DevOps Professional

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We successfully placed over 20 candidates earning an average of $130/yr in tech-based companies just 4 months after we launched the program. The success stories are still counting.

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