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The IT ecosystem is certainly expanding and on its way to the clouds. Some of Africa's brightest minds have emerged from the industry, as have some of the most successful businesses in history.'s mission is to capture some of these brains from college campuses around the country as rapidly as possible and introduce them to DevOps and cloud computing. Furthermore, as part of our scholarship program, we will give a select group of interested individuals the opportunity to discover the world of cloud computing for free.

Venue: Trinity Auditorium (T-Hall)

Date: 13th of July 2022 - 10AM

Why You ShouldAttend

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Learn about the significance and practical applications of technology, as well as how to use it to create a valuable and sustainable future.

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Join the exciting, action-packed experience that promises to extend your knowledge horizons and increase your confidence outside of your current academic topics.

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Connect with highly qualified IT experts who will share their stories about how the IT industry has revolutionized their lives, allowing them to deliver value to both local and international clientele.

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