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Our accelerator program is designed to cater to individuals who learn best in a community-oriented environment. At, we take a practical approach to learning, with a project-based methodology that equips you with real-life problem-solving skills essential for success in the tech industry..

DevOps Beginner Accelerator Program Course Outline

Project Course Outline

Week 1 — Orientation 

Introduction to Devops 

Linux (Introduction | Connectivity to Cloud Servers, Process and Services Management)    

Mini Project 1 – VMs and Linux Servers, SSH and file permission in Linux

Mini Project 2 –  App Installation and Portfolio/Project hosting with Github

Mini Project 3 – Nginx web server with a static site

PROJECT 1: Lamp Stack Implementation

PROJECT 2: Lemp Stack Implementation

Week 2 — PROJECT 3: Mern Stack Implementation 

Software Delivery Life Cycle (DevOps and Agile) 

PROJECT 4: Mean Stack Implementation 

Source Code Management and Git flow 

Week 3 — PROJECT 5: Git project 

PROJECT 6: Client/Server Architecture Using A MySQL Relational Database Management System 

Week 4 — Linux (Volume/Storage Management) 

PROJECT 7: Web Solution With WordPress

PROJECT 8: Devops Tooling Website Solution

Week 5 — Shell-Scripting

PROJECT 9 (Shell Scripting and Automation)  /  Git Flow

CI/CD (Jenkins)                                                                                                                   

PROJECT 10: Load Balancer Solution With Apache

PROJECT 11: Continuous Integration Pipeline For Tooling Website

Week 6 — Nginx (Load balancing and Web Server Solution) 

PROJECT 12: Load Balancer Solution With Nginx and SSL/TLS

Introduction to Ansible 

PROJECT 13: Ansible – Automate Project 7 to 10 

Week 7 — Project 14 Ansible Refactoring, Assignments & Imports

Project 15 – Ansible Dynamic Assignments (Include) and Community Roles

Week 8 — Project 16 Experience Continuous Integration With Jenkins | Ansible | Artifactory | Sonarqube | PHP 

Week 9 — Introduction to the cloud (AWS | Azure | GCP) Services (Beginner) 

Project 17 – AWS Cloud Solution For 2 Company Websites Using A Reverse Proxy Technology 

Week 10 — Infrastructure as code with Terraform

Project 18 – Simple Project toAutomate Infrastructure With IAC using Terraform 

      Week 11 — Project Submission and Defence

      Week 12 — Putting it All together session.

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