Connecting to EC2 using Putty.

Remember the private key your downloaded from AWS while provisioning the server? It is a PEM file format. You can open it up to see the content and have a glimpse of what a PEM file looks like. Since Putty does not support .pem files – we must convert our private key (PEM format) into another file format called .ppk. We will need another tool to do that – using PuttyGen

Here is how to do the conversion Convert .pem to .ppk

Once the conversion is complete and we have our .ppk file that Putty supports, we have everything we need to connect to our EC2 instance. Here is our checklist below.

  • Public IP address
  • ‘ubuntu’ as user
  • .ppk private key file

Retrieve the Public IP address to your instance. Copy EC2 Public IP address

Paste the public IP, load the private key and connect. Connect to EC2 via Putty

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