Have you ever wondered what it would be like to switch careers? Or maybe you are a fresh graduate and don’t know which path to take. Not to worry, because Darey.io is here to help! 

Darey.io is the best online platform for DevOps training, and we offer courses that will help you learn new skills and switch careers. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to DevOps or want to become a full-fledged DevOps engineer, our courses have got you covered. 

But first, let’s discuss what are the responsibilities of a DevOps engineer and what employers are looking for. After that, we’ll show you why Darey.io is the best place to start your career as a DevOps professional.

What are the Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer?

Fig. 1. DevOps professionals handle multiple areas within the organization
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A DevOps engineer is responsible for taking steps to integrate all aspects of software design, development, and updates into one managed system. DevOps utilizes IT operations to shorten the systems development lifecycle of an application. The responsibilities of an entry-level DevOps engineer often include working as part of a team to merge coding, test products, and plan updates.

As in any software role, it is essential to ensure configuration parameters and network requirements are met. You need to be able to manage code versions, environment configurations, and dependencies. The goal of someone in this position is to speed up development and updates while limiting bugs and other issues.

Another important responsibility is automating tasks. You will need to be able to set up and maintain automated builds, tests, and deployments. 

As a DevOps engineer, you will also be responsible for monitoring systems and applications for issues. When problems arise, you will need to be able to quickly identify and correct the issue.

The duties of a DevOps engineer can vary depending on the size and needs of the organization. In some cases, you may be responsible for managing all aspects of the DevOps process. In other cases, you may focus on one specific area, such as automation or monitoring. No matter what your role is, you will need to have a strong understanding of both software development and IT operations.

What Do Employers Look For in a DevOps Engineer Candidate?

DevOps engineers are expected to be all-rounders

Fig. 2. DevOps engineers are expected to be all-rounders
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DevOps is a hot topic in the software engineering world, and for good reason. DevOps is all about automating and speeding up the software development and delivery process, which can lead to faster time to market, lower costs and improved quality.

So, it’s no surprise that employers are looking for candidates with DevOps experience. But what exactly do they want to see on a DevOps resume? Here are some key skills and areas of knowledge that will help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Working knowledge of DevOps methodology, programming languages, scripting languages, and tools.
  • Knowledge about the stages of the DevOps cycle and the types of programming languages and tools that work well at each stage.
  • Experience as a back-end developer or a system operations engineer, who is familiar with software and web apps.
  • Knowledge about current trends in DevOps practices.
  • DevOps certification training is preferred but not required.
  • How to develop DevOps assembly lines into streamlined, event-driven work.
  • Be able to work effectively in team environments and have good communication skills.
  • Be able to think creatively and solve problems quickly.
  • Should be comfortable with change, as DevOps processes are constantly evolving.

If you have these skills and experiences, then you’re well on your way to landing a DevOps job.
Now, the question remains: how can you gain all these skills in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE? That’s where Darey comes into the picture.

Darey.io is Not Like Any Other DevOps Online Training Platform

Fig. 3. Darey.io teaches everything you need to know to become a DevOps professional
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At Darey.io, we offer world-class DevOps training online that is second to none. What sets us apart from other online DevOps training providers is our commitment to your success. We offer a range of services that go beyond just providing you with training materials. Our mentorship program gives you access to experienced engineers who can help you troubleshoot problems and overcome challenges.

More than theoretical knowledge

As DevOps involves a lot of different areas, such as automation, monitoring, and networking, companies are looking for DevOps engineers who have a broad range of skills. This means that if you’re looking to get into DevOps, it’s important to have a good understanding of multiple areas. And these things are what we can teach you here at Darey.

For starters, our platform has been specifically designed for aspiring DevOps professionals. We offer a wide range of courses that cover all aspects of DevOps, from the basics to more advanced topics. And our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

But what really sets us apart is our focus on giving you practical experience. Most online DevOps courses simply provide theoretical information. But at Darey.io, we believe that theory is only half the story. That’s why our courses include practical exercises and projects so you can put your new skills to the test in a real-world setting.

While we do not specifically conduct a DevOps certification course, we can teach you the basics and more to prepare you for the next level in your career path.

Project-based learning

When it comes to learning the ins and outs of DevOps, Darey.io is the best platform hands-down. Why? Because we offer project-based learning that helps you acquire skills, not just knowledge.

With our approach, you’ll get your hands dirty implementing multiple projects. This is the best way to learn, as you’ll be able to see firsthand how various DevOps tools work together.

After you sign up for an account, you will be given access to our wide range of DevOps online training courses. You can choose to study at your own pace or follow one of our Darey-approved study plans which have been designed to help you learn and progress as quickly as possible.

Our platform is designed to provide you with the best possible learning experience, and our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have.

Learn with a community of experts

Learning is more fun and exciting if you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals. With Darey.io, you’ll have the chance to network with other professionals who are interested in DevOps. This is a great way to make connections and get tips and advice from others who are already working in the field.

We have an active community of DevOps enthusiasts who are always happy to share their knowledge and experiences. And, if you’re looking for a job after completing your training, we can connect you with some of the best DevOps employers in the world.

Real-world application

Darey.io is the perfect platform for DevOps training because it provides a unique blend of theory and practice. Our DevOps course will take your knowledge to the test by letting you apply them to solve real problems.

You may start with little or no IT knowledge. But, after completing 30 hands-on projects, you are as good as other engineers with 3 years in the industry.

What makes Darey.io the leading platform for online DevOps training is how we help you get an internship. We can prepare you for an actual job by providing the opportunity to become an intern. Completing all 30 projects on our DevOps training course automatically qualifies you to become an intern working on really amazing projects with highly experienced engineers, while you are still job hunting.

With all the guidance we provide, Darey.io is simply the perfect platform to help you transition into a successful career in DevOps.

Become a DevOps Professional Today!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to switch careers or learn new DevOps skills, Darey.io is the perfect platform for you. We offer a DevOps online training course that will help you become successful in your DevOps career. Plus, our DevOps training program is handled by instructors who are some of the best in the business.

Sign up today for our Live Master Class Training & Mentorship program and start learning!

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