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How DAREY’s PBL program can help you become a DevOps engineer, and earn up to 150k/year

Gain real-world experience with companies across the globe

DevOps career

The experience you need to start a career

Breaking into DevOps requires more than just certifications. Most companies want real-world experience before hiring you, but how do you gain this experience if no one will take you on? Our intensive mentorship program places you in real projects with real companies, so you gain skills and experience all at once.

Learn on the job

Watching online videos to learn Linux, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, AWS or Google Cloud etc contributes just 10% to skills acquisition. With PBL, you get to solve REAL problems based on REAL WORLD use cases. We realise that 90% of what you need to secure that DevOps Job is Hands-On experience, Mentorship, and intensive practice to re-inforce knowledge. The ULTIMATE goal of this program is to position you for a DevOps Job paying up to 150k/Year.
Cloud Engineer Devops
Cloud Engineer Devops

Learn on the job

Our intensive mentorship program is designed to help you gain on-the-job experience while still providing valuable support. During your assignment, you’ll have access to the rest of the community and/or our team of DevOps experts to provide outside feedback or answer any questions that may arise. mentorship program

Go from zero to hero

In the mentorship program, you will take your knowledge and certifications and apply them to solve real problems. You may start with almost nothing. But by the time the program is completed, Usually minimum of 3-6 months, you’ll have the experience you need to begin building a career in DevOps and be an asset to any team.

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Ready to get started?

Get started gaining the real-world experience you need to build a career in DevOps

How it works?

  • Choose A Program Plan

    Select a plan that suits your needs. You can discuss with us to help you make a decision.

  • Begin Your Journey

    We will onboard you onto the program. Our initial priority is to get your hands very strong on the Linux terminal, while you begin to automate your solutions with other technologies. Such as Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins, Istio, Ansible, Helm etc.

  • Get paired with a company

    After successfully completing your first 8 Projects, We will pair you with a Real Company. You will access their Learning Management System, while you implement DevOps solutions based on Real POCs (Proof Of Concepts)

  • Submit Your Projects For Mentor Review

    As you learn, and implement your projects, You will receive feedback from your mentor.

  • Community Support

    We know that you will face stumbling blocks, and will need massive support. Your 24/7 access to over 150 active learners and mentors on slack is one of the most effective and exciting support experience you will enjoy.

  • Enjoy Your Mentor's Time

    When you get completely stuck, and just need that expertise to demystify your confusion, all you need to do is schedule a One To One Mentor session.

  • Get Ready For The Job Interview

    After Intensive learning, Internship and completing at least 30 Projects, You are ready to hit the market for interviewing. We will help you with LinkedIn and CV/Resume detox.

  • Schedule A Mock Interview

    Be prepared to get DRILLED! by our Interviewing team. We will review all your projects, your CV/Resume and job description of a potential job vacancy, and prepare you from "Tell us about yourself" to the deep DevOps technical questions.

  • Complete the program

    Our way of confirming that you successfully completed the DAREY.IO PBL program is when you get a DevOps Job.


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