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DevOps – Where to start?

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Demystifying DevOps

DevOps is a trendy marketing buzzword that does not have a real-life meaning. Is that true? Have you ever heard such an opinion? Because we have. There are many common misconceptions and myths about DevOps, some of which are quite simple, and others can be confusing even for strong IT experts. We want to reveal some of the myths today so you will have a more precise and solid picture of what DevOps is, who must “do DevOps”, and who DevOps engineers are.

Let’s get started!

Myth #1 You need a DevOps engineer or a DevOps department to “do DevOps”

You can ask professional recruiters how many companies have started requesting to hire DevOps engineers, leads & specialists in recent years. But when it comes to the requirements and responsibilities in the job description, these companies struggle to understand themselves what they expect from these roles. They want to hire someone who could come and “do DevOps” in the company. In every digital conference or tech event, CDOs and CTOs of non-IT or non-software development companies are told that DevOps is the key to Digital Transformation.
In reality, you do not need a particular department or people with special skills to start following DevOps methodology. These approaches and practices can be adopted and fostered by your existing developers and system administrators. If you have in-house software development, do not rush to hire consultants to build processes and enforce best practices for you in your organization.

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