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The Experience You Need to Start a DevOps Career

Breaking into DevOps requires more than just certifications. Most companies want real-world experience before hiring you, but how would you gain the experience if you don’t get hired? Our intensive training program will expose you to real projects so you gain skills and experience all at once.

About Project Based Learning

Becoming a DevOps engineer means learning a lot of tools. Most of which can be done by watching online videos.
Using videos to learn these tools such as Linux, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, etc contributes to knowledge acquisition, but NOT skills acquisition.
What you need to secure a DevOps Job is “SKILLS”.  Therefore, you need more than e-learning with videos to achieve that.
With our Project-Based-Learning approach, you are guaranteed to acquire skills just because you will get your hands dirty, implementing multiple projects.

Go from zero to hero

In the social learning program, you will take your knowledge and certifications and apply them to solve real problems. You may start with little or no IT knowledge. But, after completing 30 hands-on projects, you are as good as other engineers with 3 years in the industry.

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How It Works


Select A Study Plan

The first obvious thing you will need to do is to sign up. Select the plan that best suit your current situation and get yourself onboarded onto the platform. Once you login to your dashboard, you will be welcomed by our onboarding video which gives you an ample overview of how to navigate the platform. Within 24 hours, you will be assigned a dedicated buddy whose duty is to look after you and ensure that you succeed.


Begin Your Career Journey

After watching the onboarding video, you already know where to get started with your learning. now is the time to start building your knowledge and skill. For the first 3 weeks, you will focus on Linux Administration while getting all the help and support from the entire community. You will implement live projects using labs from your public cloud provider account, and submit them for review by your mentor.


Join the Master Class

If self paced learning is not your thing, then you can decide to join the next available batch of the DevOps Live Master class. With an intensive coaching from highly experienced Mentors, you will have the opportunity to learn directly through a highly interactive series of DevOps training.


Implement your Projects

As you learn and implement projects, mentors will give you feedback based on their evaluation of your work. The sole aim of this is to get you candid feedback on your efforts.


Get Ready for the Job Interview

After intensive learning, mentoring,, and completing at least 30 projects, you are now fully equipped to solve real-world problems wearing the suit of a DevOps Engineer, Cloud Architect, Site Reliability Engineer, and similar roles. While you are ready to launch into the market for interviewing, we will help you with LinkedIn and CV/Resume detox to make you stand out from the pack.


Schedule a Mock Inteview

Our interview team will prepare you, so be ready to get DRILLED! We will review all your projects, your CV/Resume, the job description of a potential job vacancy and simulate an interview. We will take it from “Tell us about yourself” to the deep DevOps technical questions.


Become an Intern During Job Hunt

Completing all 30 projects automatically qualifies you to become an intern working on really amazing projects with highly experienced engineers, while you are still job hunting.

Hear from our Alumni

Client Reviews

What our clients say about

Olumuyiwa Eleyinmi
Olumuyiwa Eleyinmi
Read More is an excellent platform to kick start your Devps career. I have benefitted immensely from very proactive mentors and peer-2peer mentees. The PBL courses are a great way to pick up practical skills and apply in your projects immediately while also giving you opportunity to teach others skills you are now comfortable with. This platform is highly !recommended!
OKiki-jesu Olumide
OKiki-jesu Olumide
Great Learning Experience
Read More
I am really delighted to be a part of the DevOps Mentorship Program. The Project-based learning approach provides better understanding of theoretical knowledge and gives one real-world experience of how cloud solutions/infrastructures are deployed and managed. The mentorship is top-notch as there are people ready to respond and assist you ASAP when you have issues during projects.
Iyanuoluwa Tosin Daramola
Iyanuoluwa Tosin Daramola
Great Learning Experience
Read More
It has been an awesome learning journey with ,the videos, project based learning, the fulfillment you get when you move to the next project has been nothing short of amazing ,the training is beginner friendly and you have mentors you can always reach out to you when you have a blocker and they are always ready to resolve any issue with you.

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