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DevOps career

The experience you need to start a DevOps career

Breaking into DevOps requires more than just certifications. Most companies want real-world experience before hiring you, but how do you gain this experience if no one will take you on? Our intensive social mentoring program places you in simulated real projects with multiple use cases, so you gain skills and experience all at once.

Introducing PBL
Project Based Learning

Watching videos to learn DevOps tools such as Linux, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, AWS etc contributes little to skills acquisition. What you need to secure a DevOps Job is Hands-On experience, intensive practice, and access to proactive technical support. The ULTIMATE goal of our solution is to position you for a DevOps Job.
Cloud Engineer Devops
Cloud Engineer Devops

Learn on the job

Our intensive mentorship program is designed to help you gain on-the-job experience while still providing valuable support. During your assignment, you’ll have access to the rest of the community and/or our team of DevOps experts to provide outside feedback or answer any questions that may arise. mentorship program

Go from zero to hero

In the social learning program, you will take your knowledge and certifications and apply them to solve real problems. You may start with little or no IT knowledge. But, after completing 30 hands-on projects, you are as good as other engineers with 3 years in the industry.

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